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Atlanta Hawks Feast On Utah Jazz

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What a huge difference between last nights meeting against the Utah Jazz and the Atlanta Hawks and the one that occurred in the fall. You remember, that was one of the games on that amazing road trip early in the season when the Jazz beat every team that they played. That was when Jazz fans were so pumped because their team was actually winning on the road. Not only that, but they were beating some really good teams very convincingly. That seems like a distant dream now that the Jazz are coming up short on their meetings with teams who are likely playoff bound. It’s bad enough that they are struggling with their home games this year, something that is very different than in years past when the odds were extremely good that the Jazz would win games played on their home court. Last night they played in front of a near sell-out crowd that must have been stunned to see how lethargic and uninterested their team appeared to be. True, the Hawks were making some amazing shots but they were also totally focused on the game and played together as a team who intended to get the win. And get the win they did. Not just by a narrow margin but by over twenty points. Ouch! The Jazz are going to play again tomorrow night and fans are hoping that they find a way to get out of this funk that they’re in and play with the kind of intensity that will allow them to bring home a win.

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