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Before You Hit the Basketball Backboards, Grab a Warm up Jacket and Stretch

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If you’re a basketball fan, then it doesn’t matter if a team is using eons-old basketball backboards or brand new warm up jackets; you’re there for the game, not the aesthetics! If you’re a true basketball fanatic, you might even show up a little bit early to the game, primarily to scope out the team players. So what goes on behind the scenes? What does a typical basketball player’s day look like? For many basketball players, going home after a long game allows them time to rest, reflect, and prepare for their next on-court appointment. For starters, any well-trained athlete knows the importance of a genuine night’s rest; in addition, many players mentally go through the game in their mind, envisioning every move while reviewing game plans.

A huge part of an athlete’s regular routine is warming up; playing with stiff, tight muscles can cause serious injuries out on the court, and can negatively impact your playing performance. Warm up jackets are a necessity for any basketball player; before a player even thinks about hitting those basketball backboards, they need to ensure that their muscles have been properly warmed up with the correct techniques.  Stretching is the key element in this process. Not only does stretching help prevent injury, but it also can increase your speed and strength! Those are pretty good reasons to start any game by stretching for a few minutes.

Any basketball player can tell you that they’re constantly trying to increase their vertical leap. The height of basketball backboards plays a huge role in motivating a player to increase their vertical jump, and there are several types of training that can increase the “explosive” capabilities needed to improve a player’s jump. First, as mentioned beforehand, players should always begin any workout session with warm up jackets and stretching. In fact, stretching is one of the most important aspect of increasing a vertical leap; stretching works on the body’s tendons, which play a critical role in our ability to run, leap, and land. If you’re uncertain, try stretching for ten minutes before you play your next game. You’ll be amazed at how much faster, lighter, and more flexible you are!