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Boxing World Dominated By Seasoned Athletes

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It isn’t the young, strong and hopeful newcomers to the sport of boxing who are taking home the trophies and collecting the wins but rather the older, seasoned athlete who have been on the scene for decades. The man who as a youth claimed it was his mission to become one of the greatest boxers of all time does indeed reign as the king of his era.
Floyd Mayweather who signed on with Showtime in 2013 has two more matches to fulfill that contract. His current record is 47-0 and he has contenders lining up to try to defeat the champ. The man who first laced on a pair of boxing gloves as a youth has now earned over $400,000,000 boxing his way to the top of his profession. At age 37 one wonders how much longer this champ can keep claiming the victories. One thing is for sure, it will take this younger generation of boxers quite a while to catch up with the wins and accomplishments of Mayweather and his cohorts.