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BYU Is Forced To Go With Only One Quarterback

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The old saying goes that “two are better than one” but perhaps there are times when that does not hold true. Maybe sometimes one is actually the best option. This may be the case for BYU as they are forced to go to a one quarterback system due to the recent injury of Riley Nelson. Coach Bronco Mendenhall’s original decision to play two quarterbacks, Nelson and Jake Heaps was short-lived but that may be for the best. Nothing against Nelson, he is a very capable and scrappy player but trying to divide the time and the plays between two QB’s can make for a less than ideal situation. Now that the Cougars are forced to use only Heaps (plus a less experienced back-up QB) they can devote the time necessary to perfect their plays. Heaps numbers need beefing up, and he himself admits as much. His efficiency record is not that great at this point so major improvement will need to take place in order for the Cougars to get back into the hunt.

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