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Common Workout Mistakes

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While most of us realize the importance of an exercise program both for our physical and our mental well-being, some of us are making mistakes in our routines which can minimize the benefit’s the exercise provides. For instance, it is estimated that a full 50% of us fail to do the proper stretching or warming up before engaging in a workout. Warming up and stretching are important because they prepare our bodies for the physicality that will be required and reduces the chance of injury. This applies not only to those who are racing against the wind in their cycling jerseys or those who play rough and tumble in their basketball jerseys but for everyone who is doing any type of exercise. A proper warm-up can eliminate a good deal of the muscle stiffness that many athletes experience.
Another problem for many of us is that we do not change up our workout routines. Doing the same old thing, day in and day out does not challenge our muscles, our stamina, or our attitude. It’s more interesting and often more beneficial when we introduce a new technique or adapt some of our current routines. It relieves a good share of the boredom that many experience with a “set in stone” exercise program.
If you’re one of those athletes who rely strictly on cardio for your workout benefits, you may be missing out. It has been proven that weight-training is extremely beneficial when mixed with cardio to achieve maximum results. Interval training is thought by many to be the best way to achieve the optimum workout.
When exercising with weights are you one of those athletes who race through the repetitions? If so, you are robbing yourself of some of the benefits of weight training. By slowing down and being more deliberate with each move, you can increase the effectiveness and benefits you can derive from these exercises. Remember that little changes can results in big results.