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Could Boxing Be Your Fitness “Fix”?

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While slipping into a cycling jersey and hitting the road for a long ride or lacing up those sneakers for an exhilarating run continue to be popular forms of exercise, the sport of boxing is also experiencing renewed enthusiasm. More and more people are discovering that boxing is not just a sport for the muscular man but for women of all shapes and sizes as well. The reasons for this are many. Boxing is a great way to burn a sizeable number of those calories that we are all anxious to get rid of and along with that comes the pounds that we’d like to shed. It is an exercise that helps tone muscles and improves stamina.
There is also the amazing benefit of reducing stress and alleviating anxiety. It would be hard to imagine a better way to release pent-up frustration than to repeatedly jab a punching bag or a punching dummy. This is an exercise that improves both body and mind and for these reasons it has become increasingly popular. It requires very little to get started. Get yourself a pair of good boxing gloves and find something or someone to spar against and you’re in business. Chances are that it won’t take long for you to get hooked on this oft overlooked form of physical activity.