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Countdown To Super Sunday

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Super Bowl 44 will be played this Sunday (Feb. 7) in Miami’s Dolphin Stadium in front of more than 75,000 hyped-up fans. Division champions, Indianapolis Colts and the New Orelans’ Saints will square off for the top prize in professional football, each with the hopes of going home with the coveted super bowl rings. Manning earned his first ring last year but Drew Brees, QB for the Colts has yet to acquire one of these coveted possesions.
The road leading to the big game has been an interesting one for both teams. The Colts have been playing tremendous football all year and stood a good chance of having an unbeaten season. With their eyes on the final prize, however, the coaches opted to rest their premier players for the “big dance”. That decision resulted in two losses toward the end of the season to a pair of New York teams, the Buffalo Bills and the Jets.
Peyton and crew should be in great shape for Sundays match-up.
The New Orleans’ Saints must still be riding high from their victories over the Minnesota Vikings and the Arizona Cardinals. They punished the Q.B.’s from both of these teams severly.Kurt Warner announced his retirement after the beating he took against the Saints (although it should be noted that he did so playing at the top of his game and with undiminished skills). Anyone who saw the game the Saints played against the Vikings can attest to the beating Favre took in that outing.
There is no question that the Saints deliver a brutal defense so the test will be to see if the very talented Colts led by Peyton Manning can stand up to it.