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Cyling Season Is Underway

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Another great sport that seems to ramp up in springtime is cycling. Although there are some brave hearts who pump the pedals all throughout the cold winter months, many of us do not seem to get all that excited about hopping on our bikes until the warmth of spring arrives. Once that happens, however, the roadways, mountain paths and bike trails are filled with riders.

Although the more serious athletes and the professional bike racers, train throughout the year, now is the time to look forward to the big races such as the Tour De France. Sadly, the last few years have brought a great deal of
finger pointing and criticism to the cycling world along with accusations of doping and that has diminished some of the allure that surrounds this sport.

Most recently, past Tour De France Champion, Floyd Landis has put a good many fellow riders in the crosshairs by implicating them in conjunction with drug taking. Lance Armstrong has been accused by Landis of illicit activities along with Dave Zabriskie who has been a long time friend and former roommate to Landis. Some fellow athletes are shaking their heads and wondering if the disgraced Landis is simply trying to drag as many other athletes down with him as he can as he continue his slide in popularity and performance. Meanwhile teammates of Zabriskie are showing full support and saying that they are confident that Dave can win his upcoming races completely clean.

It is unfortunate that so many great sports have become tarnished by those who would abuse illegal substances in order to maximize their personal performances. Unquestionably, it takes a lot of the joy and enthusiasm out of the sport and may discourage others who might have desires to become involved in these sporting activities at a competitive level.

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