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Dry Spell Ahead For Sports Fans?

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Well sports fans, we may have to get used to the idea that we very likely will not have the basketball season to get us through the long months of winter this year. It appears that we are not going to have the enjoyment of cheering on the men who wear our favorite basketball uniforms nor will we be anxiously gazing at the scoreboard as the play ensues. The team owners and the players themselves have been at odds for many months now and things do not seem to be getting any better. We hear reports every few days about how new meetings are being set up to discuss the “issues” and then we learn that no progress is being made. It’s discouraging to say the least.

A lot of us may feel that the owners are being unrealistic in their expectations to increase their profitability because after all, these people are already extremely well-off financially, right? That may be true, but they are business people and let’s face it, besides being a great sport that millions of us love to follow, basketball is a business. No prudent business minded individual is going to operate in a way that is not monetarily beneficial. That’s just the fact. The latest meeting between the two sides ended with the owners saying that they would be willing to scrap this season all together if they are not going to realize a better return on their investments. Though we sports fans may hate to hear that sentiment, we can’t really put too much blame on the owners can we?

So, what about the players? It appears that they are holding out because they feel that they deserve a bigger slice of the revenue pie. Do they? It’s hard to feel to sorry for these guys who make enormous sums of money for doing something that they love and that many people would give years off of their lives to have. One has to wonder if they are aware that we are in the throes of a terrible economy and that tens of millions of people are struggling just to make ends meet. (by the way, in many cases, these millions of struggling people are those who derive a great deal of enjoyment and diversion from everyday difficulties by watching these wealthy basketball players battle it out on the court). One would hope that these guys could realize that they are among the very fortunate in both opportunity and wealth and find some way to reach an agreement that would allow the rest of us to enjoy at least a partial basketball season.