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Healthy Eating Provides Huge Benefits

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Most everyone knows that it is important to eat healthy. Unfortunately all too many of us disregard that knowledge altogether. The willpower to avoid the things that we love to eat but that will pack on the pounds and compromise our health is woefully lacking in many of us. Even those who really try to make wise food choices feel that it is a battle they are constantly fighting. Those who have successfully managed to limit poor food choices say that it becomes a habit (like others that you work to incorporate) and that it becomes easier when each good choice you make. That is good news for us who want to improve our overall well being. Really understanding how much difference it can make to eat healthier and easier ways to do it is also helpful.
For instance, while we may be aware that eating things such as avocados and berries are good for our waistlines we may not know that they also help to make skin look radiant and supple. In addition they fight inflammation in our bodies which can cause serious health problems. Avocados have even been found to decrease redness and some acne conditions which is certainly an unexpected and added benefit.
One of the little known benefits of eating berries is that they reduce the occurrence of broken capillaries which cause those unsightly reddish lines around our faces and our legs. That alone is a huge plus and to think that in addition they are extremely potent antioxidants and work to slow down the aging process by preventing the break-down of collagen. Who of us would not like to enjoy those benefits?
Not everyone is a fan of the taste of coconut but even if you don’t want to eat one you can still enjoy the benefits it provides by using it on your skin. Coconut oil is considered by some to be the ultimate when it comes to effective moisturizers. It is packed with vitamin c and good fats.
We’ve all heard the admonition to eat our vegetables, especially the leafy green kind and there is a good reason for this. Veggies such as kale, spinach, broccoli increase skin hydration and elasticity due to the ingredient lutein which is common in these plants. Lutein also improves skin tone while being a potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. This results in more supple and glowing skin.
Besides the obvious benefit healthy eating is for the skin there is the equally obvious side effect of losing pounds and inches, along with gaining increased energy and vitality. Eating healthy is a win-win commitment.