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How Flexible Are You??

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Perhaps one of the most important things we can do to stay healthy and active in our lives is to keep our bodies as flexible and limber as possible. The old saying, “if you don’t use it, you lose it” applies pretty well to how quickly our bodies can stiffen up when we don’t use them adequately. Following is a little test of sorts that can help one to determine how well they are doing when it comes to being flexible.

When sitting on the floor with your back straight, legs extended and your arms at your sides can you lean forward and
1. Touch your toes
2. Reach your ankles
3. Only get to shins

Take your shoes off and stand against a wall with your back straight and your shoulder, butt and heels touching the wall. Does your head fall
1. Up against the wall
2. an inch or so away from the wall
3. Several inches away from the wall

When you stand in front of a mirror with an arm raised straight overhead, you back is
1. Slightly arched
2. Significantly arched
3. Bent to one side

While lying facedown on the floor try bringing your right heel toward your butt. Can you
1. Easily touch your butt with your foot
2. Only touch if your hips are lifted off the floor
3. Not touch at all

These few simple moves may be a pretty good indicator of how flexible you are. If you can see that you fall short in these exercises now is a good time to get started on improvement. Good flexibility will pay off.