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How To Make Competition Work In Your Favor

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We live in a world that is heavy with competition. There just might be somethding that you might really want to do and you might even be able to do it very well but chances are pretty good that there is a multitude of people out there who can do it even better. Competition, it not a dirty word and it is not always a bad thing. The fact is, it is the fuel that drives many an athlete, businessman or entertainer to work even harder and to find success that they might otherwise never have found. Unfortunately, it can work in an opposite way for many people. In the face of so many competing forces, they tend to walk away and give up on their goals, leaving their dreams and their potential unfulfilled.

Most of us have probably felt this conflict to some degree in our own lives. Many times there does not seem to be a direct correlation between the amount of effort given and the resulting reward. It appears to be unfair when we see people rewarded for things that they either did not do themselves or that could have been done so much better by someone else, perhaps by yourself. It happens all the time. We also wonder with some skepticism about those who receive great benefits in the way of money or fame for entertaining us by doing things that they love doing while we watch others contributing their invaluable talents and abilities for the common good while getting very little in remuneration for their efforts

That doesn’t seem fair, but it is life and it is what we must contend with if we are going to be engaged in truly living. As with so many other areas of life, attitude can have an enormous impact on how we deal with the challenge of trying to compete in today’s world. We must make ourselves believe that our efforts are every bit as worthwhile as anyone elses’ and that our chances for success are equal as well. We must understand that we have within ourselves what is necessary for success and it is up to our determination to see that we achieve it. If we make a firm commitment to ourselves that we will pursue that which we desire and continue in our efforts to achieve our goals we have great potential to achieve success. The success that we achieve may not be the pinnacle that we ultimately desire, but can be a great success even so. One thing is for sure, we will be a lot further along the road than if we had never got started at all. We can successfully compete if we will simply persevere. So, the lesson is, don’t give up. Perseverance is one of the greatest strengths available to us. It can outlast talent, intention, and luck.

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