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Independence Day For BYU Football

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The announcement finally came and it is one that many people appear to be happy with. The Cougar football program is no longer going to be part of the Mountain West Conference but instead has declared themselves independent. As such they will be joining the likes of Army, Navy and Notre Dame as the only independent college football teams in the nation. The move will officially take place in June of 2011. BYU will need to schedule 12 games for the 2011-2012 season, some of which will likely be with teams that are aligned with the MWC such as Boise State. The other twelve BYU athletic programs will join the WCC (West Coast Conference). BYU expects to see a good deal more revenue and exposure generated by this change.
This summer has certainly brought about some shake-ups in the sports arena for Utah schools and it will be very interesting to see how these changes play out. Football fans in the state have a lot to be excited about this year.

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