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Making The Most Of Your Workouts

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If you are one of the millions who have determined that exercise is an absolutely necessary part of their daily lives there are some suggestions to get even more benefits from your workouts. While it is obviously beneficial to participate in any type of exercise regiment, how you do your workouts can be very important. Slow, methodical movements are not necessarily the kind that will produce the type of results you hope to see. Speeding things up and intensifying the routines will often result in some amazing benefits.
If you are one who likes to lace up the old boxing gloves and spend thirty minutes or so sparring against an opponent or a punching bag, try increasing your foot and arm speed. Even a little increase provides results. If you are a walker or a runner this same advice works. Speed it up a little. Try alternating between faster and slower speeds because our bodies become rather efficient when we do the same things the same ways over and over and don’t burn as many calories as we’d like. Shaking up our routines can kick our metabolism into high gear which is what we aim for.
Many experts suggest that burning 300 calories in a session is a worthy goal. That equates to completing a three mile run in about thirty minutes.
Even those of us who prefer walking to running might find that increasing our speed at various intervals will bring about some very positive results.