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Professional Athletes – Are The Rewards Worth The Risks?

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The prospect of earning fabulous money and great fame is heady stuff indeed, but is it worth sacrificing ones’ health and well being? After watching the brutal beating Brett Favre took on Sunday from various New Orleans’ Saints players, one has to wonder if the money, fame and personal satisfaction that come with being a star athlete are worth it.

At age forty and with many records and achievements to his credit, including a Super Bowl win, it seems reasonable that Favre would be able to exit the game that was responsible for his success and good fortune and feel pretty good about it. His success, after all, did not come without considerable cost. The injuries he sustained while participating in his sport can be counted by the dozens. The likelihood that his health and future well being have been compromised by the toll his body has taken seems pretty obvious.

Then there is the case of Steve Young. Certainly he attained great fame and acquired impressive wealth during his career in Professional Football. He was also the recipient of many injuries, some of which were very serious, including at least seven concussions. In 1999, during a Monday Night Football Game, Young was violently attacked by an opponent causing an injury which took him out of the game. He suffered Post-concussion Syndrome which effectively ended the season for him and likely was a career ending injury.

Hockey, Baseball and wrestling all have risk factors associated with them as do does most any sport to one degree or another. It is commonly understood that boxing can be considered a dangerous sport to participate in. The American Association of Neurological Surgeons say that ninety percent of boxers sustain brain injuries to some degree. NINETY
One has to wonder, what does it matter if you rise to the pinnacle of fame and earn great monetary reward if you are not able to enjoy it?

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