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Run Or Ride For Fun And Fitness

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Isn’t it great that the warmer weather has finally shown up and that so many people are lacing up their tennis shoes to train for an upcoming race or hopping on their bikes to prepare for a competition. The streets are busy with people running solo or in pairs and one group of bikers after another. It is wonderful to see so many people in bright colored cyling jerseys and biking shorts instead of heavy winter coats.

One of the parts of spring that is so appealing is a return to the outdoors and all of the adventure that awaits there. Some members of my own family have been working hard to get ready for upcoming racing events and it has been fun to witness. One of the first marathons of the season took place this past weekend in our area and more than 2,000 people took part including my cute daughter-in-law who finished with a pretty great time in her first ever running competition.

It is good to get involved in activities that allow us to stretch ourselves beyond the comfort zones that we normally occupy. Many of us have never considered the possibility that we could run in a marathon, a half-marathon or even a 5K race and the thought of competing in a bicycle race would be completely alien to a good many of us. That does not have to be the case, however, as more and more people each year are joining the ranks of cyclists and runners. It is estimated that over 43 million individuals in the United States enjoy spending time on their bicycles. Many of these people ride strictly for fun with no desire to compete in races. That is fine because cycling is an excellent form of exercise and a fun pastime. The U.S. Bicycle Institute of America announced that a census taken in 2000 showed that over 750 thousand individuals rode their bikes to work as a means of exercise and an economical form of transportation.

Running also continues to increase in popularity. While there is no way to accurately estimate the number of people who become involved in the sport of running, there are some statistics for those who participate in marathons. According to Running USA, the number of marathon participants has increased dramatically over the past decade.

Whatever the goal, cycling or running are great ways to improve physical fitness, enjoy the outdoors and to become involved in a fun form of exercise