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Serena Secures Advance To Finals

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The semi-final match-up between Serena Williams and Petra Kvitova looked to be fairly evenly paired for a good share of the set although Williams came in as the number one seed and Kvitova ranked at #62. The 20 year old tennis player from the Czech Republic gave Serena a great run for it, but once again Serena came out on top as was predicted. Williams will next meet Vera Zvronareva of Russia who is coming into this match as the #21 seed and with the added distinction of being the second lowest ranked woman ever to find herself in a Wimbledon final. Although Williams is heavily favored, history has shown that you must not count anyone out. As for Zvronavera, her confidence remains strong. She affirms that she believes in her abilities on the tennis court and knows that if she plays her best she can beat anyone. She definitely will have to play at the top of her game if she hopes to knock off the top woman tennis player on the planet.

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