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Shipping – May Take Longer Than You Expect

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Here at Robbins Sports and Athletics, we run an online sporting goods business. As a result, we interact with numerous customers on a regular basis. The way we do business with our customers is as follows. The customer either calls our toll free line or visits our site in order to acquire various sporting goods. We then ship the goods out of any one of many offices throughout the country. So, you could say a huge part of our business is the way we handle shipping issues. Therefore, I would like to say a few things about shipping with which customers may or may not be familiar.

1. Shipping Late in the Week

Often times we get requests for overnight or 2nd day air shipping for products purchased on Thursday or Friday. Those who do this think “well, if I buy it Thursday and ship it through UPS 2nd day air, it should get here by Saturday, right?” Wrong. UPS and Fed Ex, the two most commonly used shipping companies, rarely ship on Saturday or Sunday. And when they do ship on weekends, the prices are absoltely exorbitant. So, overnight or 2nd day deliveries ordered late in the week will almost always show up on Monday. This means that if you need something for the weekend, clarify that you need it on a specific day and be prepared to pay a premium price. The alternative is to wait a few more days. To sum up, whether you are shipping UPS Ground or Fed Ex overnight, the number of days they quote you on are business days, Monday through Friday. Weekends generally are not accounted for.

2. Shipping Cut-off Times

Much like the aformentioned business day dilemma that so many find themselves in, cut-off times can be a problem for customers as well. Each company has a shipping cut-off time. For example, whereas one company we deal with will not ship any orders placed after noon, another company has a cut-off time of 3 PM. Depending on the company, you have to get your orders in at a certain time, or else it will not ship until the next day. We have received customer complaints in the past saying that we did not ship their respective orders on the right day, but in actuality we processed their orders immediately. However, the cut-off time had already elapsed.

The point I am trying to make is this. When ordering a product, make sure you know what the shipping procedures are and be sure to adhere to them. If you don’t, you may not receive your shipment at  the desired time.