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Sports Contribute To Schools Enrollment

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Everybody knows that sports is big business, right? Or maybe not, as it turns out. It seems that some schools are just now learning that sports is a big draw and can be a big money maker as well. At least twenty six new schools will have added football to their offerings by 2013 and some of these schools have a relatively small enrollment, some well under 2,000. These are tough economic times for schools as well as for businesses and individuals so one may wonder why these schools are adding sports programs at this particular time. The reason is that the student bodies want to have sports in their schools and typically so do the communities where these schools are located. They view it as a sign of growth for their institution and feel that it may stimulate enrollment, which has proven to be the case for numerous schools who have added sports to their programs. It is estimated that over half of all community colleges in the United States have some form of intercollegiate sports offerings. On the other side of the issue, there are a few schools who have dropped their athletic programs and in some cases that has not been a favorable decision for the school and they have later found it necessary to reinstate their sports programs. It is hard to argue that sports are very popular in this country and a great many students prefer attending a school that includes sports and athletics.

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