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The Alarming Loss Of Civility In Sports

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A growing number of incidents played out on the fields and on the television screens across the country points to an alarming increase in bad behavior among athletes. Whether one is viewing teams clad in football helmets or those wearing basketball jerseys or even girls kicking soccer balls, the illegal, often brutal, hit is being seen all too often. While it is a commonly held belief that being passionate about the sport you are participating in is vital to your success at the sport, what is causing that passion to turn into meanness and even rage against ones opponents? Why are there so many late (and ugly) hits after plays are complete when it is totally unnecessary and often leads to a penalty that injures the chances for success? The increase in electronic “gadgetry” makes it possible for many of those incidents to be filmed and seen by many which in earlier years were visible only to those in attendance, making more people aware of such encounters.
Even so, many people tend to feel that the problem is deeper and more wide spread than at any time in the history of sports. What is the reason for this?
Are kids being taught when they are just starting out in their preferred sporting activities the rules of civility that should be integral to such sports? What is it about sports that can turn the mildest, most polite individual into a raving madman? Is that learned behavior? Many of us have seen demonstrations of parents who resort to name-calling and screaming at referees during their children’s games. What is their behavior teaching their kids? Sadly, this occurs more and more in youth sports and the trend continues on into adult sports. It is taking away from what could and should be a positive, uplifting and educational experience for those involved. While there are many worthwhile benefits involved with sports, a major downside is the increasing meanness and unnecessary violence that is displayed in gyms and fields across the land.