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The Battle To Stay In Shape

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For many of us, staying in shape is an ever constant concern. We work hard at it. We throw on our cycling jerseys and hit the road for the long rides, we lace up the boxing gloves and burn tons of calories punishing the punching bag and we walk and run for miles and miles. Sadly, no matter how hard we work out it just isn’t enough. Eating is a very big part of the equation of being physically fit. Knowing what to eat and how much to eat will go a long way toward meeting the goals you have set for yourself. Most of us are aware that fatty, high caloric foods can cause a host of problems not the least of which is weight gain. So naturally we should try to limit our consumption of those types of foods. We also know that we need to incorporate fruits, vegetables and whole grains in to our diets for maximum benefits. It would be beneficial to know exactly how many calories we need each day to either maintain our current weight or to drop some of the extra pounds so many of us carry.
Eating protein will provide us slow-burning energy so we do not tire as easily. Foods such as turkey, beans, tuna fish and chicken are a desirable addition to our diets. Peanut butter and natural cheese are also great sources of protein but trick is to eat just enough to satisfy our hunger because they can also be calorie rich. Bananas are considered by many to be a super food because of the high content of potassium which can help to flush out bloat causing fluids from our systems. Another food that is very high in potassium is spinach which packs more than 800 milligrams in a single cup.
It pays to be informed when it comes to what we consume. Eating foods that will not sabotage our great physical efforts will lead us closer to our fitness goals.