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The Great Gift Of Involving Children In Sports

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Yesterday we celebrated Father’s Day and gave honor to those father figures in our lives who have given of themselves for our benefit. Sadly, in today’s world, there are a great many who do not enjoy the blessing of having a father to guide, influence and offer the unconditional love that is such a necessary part of growing up. Hopefully, in these cases, there are others who step up to fill that tremendous void. Whether it is the mother, an uncle, grandparent or family friend, or whomever, it is vitally important in a young persons’ life to have a mentor who is interested in their progress and well being.

One of the many things that a mentor may teach their pupil is the value of sports in their lives. Teaching and becoming involved together in sports is a great way connect and bond while having fun spending worthwhile and productive time. Watching an adult instruct a young person on how to ride a bike, or swing a bat or swim often brings a smile to the face of the onlooker as they recall what a special experience that was in their own lives. It is an opportunity for building trust and camaraderie. It is a opportunity to teach the value of perseverance, determination and self-control. All this, while having fun together.

It’s too bad that children do not come with instruction books that outline exactly the best ways to teach them so that they can grow into the responsible, productive and happy adults that we hope they will become. If there were such a book, I have to believe that there would be a lengthy chapter on the benefits associated with getting your child involved in sports and the great lessons that can be learned through such association.

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