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The Price of Success

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No doubt you have heard the saying, “what goes around, comes around”. There is a reason that the saying has stayed around for such a long time, it’s because it is true. What you “put out there” for others, whether good or bad, has a way of finding it’s way back to you in some form or another. That is true in relationships and it’s true in accomplishments. If you want to have a good friend then you must also be willing to BE a good friend. That might mean that you are willing to be there for the hard times as well as the good ones and that it may cost you a considerable amount of time and effort. As with everything else, in friendship there is a price to be paid but in the long run it is more than worth of expenditure.
When we want to accomplish something, there is also a price to be paid for that. Generally it takes a fair amount of effort to achieve a goal but that only adds to the feeling of satisfaction that we are able to derive when we succeed. That brings to mind the world of sports. The many athletes who dream of excelling at a particular sport must understand that the realization of their dreams will be possible only with a great deal of effort on their part. To be truly good at something requires a lot of time and concentrated effort. It usually involves sacrifices and frustrations and occasional set-backs. For most people, achievement and success does not come quickly but is a rather long and arduous process. The pay-off however, is that the success is generally worth every bit of effort that has been given.

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