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The Right Mind Set For Exercise

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How many of us dread the thought of exercise? Even when we know all the benefits that can be derived by working out why is it that we tend to think of it as drudgery? It is true that not everyone feels this way and that some actually look forward to their daily exercise routines. Sadly, the rest of us are only looking forward to having those daily exercise routines over with for the day. Perhaps it’s time to get a mind re-set on how we feel about our workouts.
Whether we are lacing up the boxing gloves for a spar at the gym or slipping into our cycling jerseys for a good long ride or whatever the form of exercise we chose is, the important thing is to recognize what a really good thing we are doing for ourselves. Who doesn’t feel better after they have completed an intense workout or for that matter who doesn’t feel better after completing even a moderate walk? It get’s the blood moving and the muscles working and is equally as beneficial for our minds. Physical exercise helps to reduce stress and that is no small thing. That alone might be reason enough to participate in some type of exercise but that is only one of several reasons that it is a good idea. Doing something that helps us mentally and physically
should not be something we dread doing but rather something we look forward to and are grateful for the opportunity of doing it. Perhaps once we get our mind re-set about exercising we will do it more consistently and purposefully than we presently do.