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Tips To Help Beat Winter Weight Gain

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Besides up the tennis shoes, grabbing the gym bag and heading for your workout, there are some other tips that can help beat the battle against gaining excess weight in the winter months. Keep track of how many calories you are eating each day. There are a number of apps that can help with this or if you’re a purist you can jot the numbers down with paper and pencil. To get a good idea of how many calories you should allow yourself each day, simply add a zero to your current weight and plan on eating no more than that amount of calories. Rather than three big meals a day, plan on eating something every three to four hours so that your metabolism is constantly working and so that you are not feeling hungry. Small amounts of fruit, vegetables, nuts are great to eat between meals. Be sure to include some weight training in your workout regiment. More muscles means more fat burning. Try to eat no carbs after your lunch meal. This last tip is admittedly a tough one but if you can do it, it works. Many people swear by the notion that brushing their teeth after their last meal of the day (or their final snack) keeps them from wanting to put any more food in their mouths. It’s worth a try.