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Valuable Tips For Parents Of Cheerleaders

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I received a reply to a recent blog post that has a great deal of merit and is worthy of passing on. In response to a post I wrote about cheerleading and some of the dangers inherent in that sport I received some valuable and pertinent information for parents who have children who wish to pursue cheerleading. The following information comes from the executive director of the The American Association of Cheerleading Coaches and Administrators and stresses the need for parents to be involved in their children’s activities.
Some of the suggestions that will help to minimize risk are, (1) being honest about your child’s ability. Unfortunately, many of us know parents who push their children beyond the limits of the child’s ability to perform and the result is usually damaging to say the least. (2) along this same line, do not push your child to take risks. That should be a logical perspective for any parent, but again, many accidents have occurred in various sports because a parent put pressure on his child to excel in areas that the child was ill-equipped for. Parents should indeed be their children’s number one booster but they should let their child dictate what he or she is comfortable with and capable of. (3) Be sure that the coach is qualified and knowledgeable. Certain sports require that the coach is certified as well. Be aware of the qualifications of your child’s coach. Don’t assume, make it your business to find out. (4) Finally, be sure that the program that your child will be involved in has a proper balance of athletic training, practice and leadership instruction. Be informed as to whether your child’s program has and trains for an emergency plan.

These tips should be very useful to parents who have children who wish to become involved with cheerleading. Cheerleading can be an exciting and very beneficial activity and with proper safeguards, risks associated with this sport can be significantly reduced. Thanks to the AACCA for sharing this vital information.

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