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Welcome Fall Sports

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For those who been a little blue over these hot summer months and who have missed the excitement of seeing your favorite sports team compete, the wait is almost over. Football training has been going on for numerous weeks now and it won’t be long until you’ll be able to catch your favorite NFL player clad in his football jersey and doing what he does best. While most of us tend to agree that time in general seems to go too quickly that opinion doesn’t seem to hold true when we’re waiting for our favorite sport to make it’s reappearance.

The kids may bemoan the fact that they have to drag out their book bags and go back to school but it is hard to deny the sense of excitement and anticipation that accompanies this season of the year. It’s like a new beginning and with it a sense of being able to accomplish great things. There is an eagerness about the prospects of being productive and a hopefulness that comes with looking forward to being involved in the start of a new season of sports. When the dog days of summer are left behind, it is time to refocus on the thrill and excitement that is so much a part of fall sports. Whether that involves watching a favorite professional team gear up for a great season or watching your own children or grandchildren as they toss a football or kick a soccer ball, the excitement is almost palpable.

Let’s face it – there are a lot of problems in the world we all live in. Everyone seems to have his or her own share of difficulties to deal with. Thankfully, there are combatants that allow us to turn away from our troubles temporarily and concentrate on things that invigorate us and bring us joy. That is what we find in fall sports; a chance to get enthused and focus on things that are fun, that get our blood pumping and put a smile on our faces. Welcome fall sports!