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What Does It Take To Be A Good Basketball Shooter?

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If basketball is your sport of choice and you want to improve your performance at this activity, there are some tips that can help you to become a better shooter. Shooting the ball is only one aspect of the game but it is a critical component to be sure. Not only is this the play that gets points on the scoreboard for the team but it is important in other ways as well. When your opponents have to use extra players to guard the good shooters, it leaves other of your teammates open to make plays.

Form is important in shooting the basketball no matter whether you are shooting from underneath the basketball goal itself or from fifteen feet out. Squaring yourself up to the basket and keeping eyes on the goal is the first step. The shooting hand should extend in a straight line toward the basketball goal and ball should be released from hands that have a firm grip and relaxed wrists.

There are certain fundamentals that all good shooters learn through many hours of practicing drills that will improve performance. Possibly one of the best drills for potential shooters is that of standing at various “spots” around the basket and attempting to make the shot a certain amount of times consecutively before moving on to the next spot. This particular drill is more efficient when there are two players involved so that one can catch the rebound and throw it to the player who is shooting.

Practicing free throws is crucial if one wants to be a real asset to their team. Many times great teams (even those in the NBA) lose games because of their inefficiency at the foul line. Having the best percentage possible at shooting your free throws is what you want. Get in the correct stance by lining your feet up about shoulder distance apart and pointed forward toward the basket in a position that feels comfortable with knees slightly bent. You will want to get to the point that this position feels like second nature because it is the way you should stand each time you are preparing to shoot foul shots. Keep your eyes on the basket and not on the path of the ball as you lift the ball a few inches above waist level and direct it toward the basket with complete follow through of the shooting arm.

Remember that practice is what it takes to become proficient at shooting the basketball so spend as much time as possible in working to improve your technique and efficiency.