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What Is The Truth About The Most Effective Way To Exercise?

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It seems that when it comes to exercise and what type and what duration is optimal it’s not black or white. There appears to be a lot of gray area as to what is most effective and this leads to a lot of confusion among people who want to get the most out of their workout time. Those who over many years have been happy slipping into their cycling jerseys and taking an enjoyable (thought not necessarily strenuous) ride are dismayed to hear that supposedly they are not getting the most bang for their exercise buck. They read in fitness magazines that interval training is necessary to get the best results. Devotees of that philosophy tout working as strenuously as possible for a period of time and then cutting back to a slower, less intense pace for recovery and then hitting it hard again. This process is to be repeated over and over. A relatively new way of thinking seems to suggest that it’s really the first 20 minutes or so of any form of workout in which the most benefit is realized. Again, this strategy has supporters and naysayers.Then of course there’s the theory that the longer you stay on that treadmill or elliptical the better off you will be. Is that true? Who can say, because while some people swear by that theory, others find it to be less beneficial than they would like.
So, while it’s interesting to hear about all the new ideas of improving exercise and increasing benefits, it seems logical to assume that the form of exercise that one most enjoys and can stick with is the one that will be most beneficial to them.