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Why Boxing Continues To Grow In Popularity

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Boxing has long been a sport that many individuals turn to as a way to stay in peak physical condition and it continues to draw an increasing number of people as time goes on. The reasons for this are many.
Very little is needed in the way of equipment for participation in this sport. Finding a good pair of boxing gloves and someone or something to spar with are all that is necessary to experience an amazing workout.
One of the reasons that so many people have turned to the sport of boxing is because they find it to be just plain fun. It is also challenging. It can bring about some pretty amazing results when it comes to ones fitness and physical capacities.
The stop and start form that boxing usually takes is a great example of interval training and that type of training has been found to be especially beneficial in a number of ways. It is a most effective way to increase speed and build endurance. One of the more attractive features of interval training is that one can accomplish an intense and productive workout in half the time as many other sports may provide. For instance, a fifteen minute sparring session would be comparable to a thirty minute workout on the treadmill. Who does not like the idea of completing their workouts in half the time for the same results?
Another reason for the large number of satisfied long time participants and the growing number of new ones is that boxing is great stress reliever. In the increasingly stressful and anxiety producing world we all live in, this is no small thing. Finding a sport that can relieve tension by flooding our bodies with feel good endorphins while it gives a tremendous body building workout is pretty awesome. No wonder so many people have gravitated to this exciting sport which provides so many benefits and is such fun to do.