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World Record Basketball Game?

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Now that the NBA has settled their strike, people are back to watching their favorite teams and rooting for their favorite players. That is just as it should be. It’s winter time after all and watching and participating in the sport of basketball is what helps a great many people get through this long, cold season. Some people, however, are doing more than just watching their favorite players hustle down the floor and tossing the ball up toward their assigned basketball backboard. Some people are trying to make history.
A group of basketball players in the small city of Roy, Utah are in the midst of a marathon basketball game in hopes of landing in the Guinness Book of World Records. If they are successful in their attempt at playing a 109 hour game with no time outs, no half-times or other breaks they will not only find their names in a Guinness Book of World Records but hopefully and perhaps more importantly, they will have contributed to a very worthy cause. These two teams of 12 players are missing sleep in order to draw awareness and hopefully generate financial aid for the Fallen Heroes Scholarship Fund which provides help to the families of military, policemen and firefighters who have lost their lives in the line of duty.
One might expect that because the 24 players were well aware of the long-haul they had signed on for they might play with somewhat of a reduced effort but that has not been the case. Since the tip-off at 9 a.m. on Monday the 26th of Dec., they have been giving it their best. The huge number of points that they are making is not showing up in lights on a high-tec portable basketball scoreboard but rather on a devised flip-card system that hangs from PVC pipes overhead. One can’t help but cheer for the effort of these young men and for the cause they are supporting.