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Yet Another Reason To Love Sports

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In this time of financial upheaval and economic uncertainty it is especially important to find all of the bright spots you can. For a great many people, the love of sports is definitely a bright spot. Other than the necessities of life, sports would be on the short list of the last things many would be willing to give up to save money.
This fact is being played out again and again across this country of ours.
Recently, the mayor of Birmingham, Alabama, a city that was hit hard by the recession, corruption, unemployment and a host of other adverse issues, has turned to sports for some healing and some help. Mayor William Bell believes that sports can be an instrument for getting private industry and business to look at Birmingham with renewed interest and a more positive perspective. This approach could prove to help the city shed some of its’ negative image.
In April, two popular international sporting events were held in Birmingham which generated a good deal of positive feedback. Mayor Bell feels confident that more events such as those that were recently held (the Indy Grand Prix and the U.S. Tennis Association Fed. Cup) would generate positive interest and needed tourism. The mayor even hopes to attract one of the national teams (perhaps the NFL or the NBA) to host one of their preseason games in his city.
It is clear that this savvy mayor is headed in the right direcgtion by looking to sports for a mental, emotional and financial lift.

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