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Archery Arrows

Archery Tips:

Bows & Strings
AMO (Archery Manufacturers’ Association) is a term used to describe the length of bows and strings.
  • The AMO of the bow refers to its actual length. This measurement is taken along the curved back of the bow, from string notch to string notch
  • The AMO of the string refers to the bow it should be used with, not its actual length
  • The actual length of the string is always shorter than the bow by approximately 4”. Strings are sold by actual length. When ordering replacement strings for a bow, determine the bow’s AMO and subtract 4. For example: a bow with AMO 62 needs a 58” string.
  • Arrows
    The spine weight of an arrow must match or exceed the bow’s pull weight. Fletching refers to feathers, plastic vanes or other devices attached to the same end of the arrow as the nock. Fletching is the device used to stabilize the flight of the arrow. The nock is a single slot at one end of the arrow in order to hold the arrow to the string.