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2015 Draft Night – What To Expect?

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The 2014-2015 professional basketball season wrapped up two short weeks ago with the Golden State Warriors taking home the trophy. Now it is time to get set for the upcoming season which does not officially start until mid October. Teams are deciding who they will keep and who they will cut loose and who they might be fortunate enough to pick up in tonight’s draft.

The athletes who wore the basketball uniforms of the Utah Jazz ended their season on a much better note than they started but they are still in need of improvement. Last years draft was kind to the Utah team who ended up with two good players; Dante Exum and Rodney Hood. Tonight the Jazz will go into the proceedings with the 12th, 42nd and 54th picks. Obviously they would like to be in a better position to pick up some strong athletes but it is anybody's guess how it will all turn out. No matter how you think it is going to go, the “trade factor” tends to throw things off.

The team has some very definite needs. They are weak in the point guard position, and need additional help in the perimeter scoring and defending areas.

Rumors always abound this time of year and tongues are wagging that perhaps the Jazz would like to re-sign Paul Millsap who played with the team for seven years before being traded to the Atlanta Hawks. Since his younger brother Elijah now plays for the Utah team that would be an interesting addition.

We’ll know more tomorrow about the direction the team will be heading in the upcoming season.