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3 Ways to Become a Better Athlete

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I dreamed of becoming a professional athlete when I was young. I loved basketball and would shoot some hoops in my garage during summer. In 6th grade, I played in the City League basketball. But they didn’t join in a league until I reached my freshman year in high school. I loved playing but I realized I did not have what it takes to become great so I quit. When I got older, I realized my mistake and that I never strived to become better. Here are some ideas I came up with to become a better athlete.

First is to practice! The only way to become a great athlete is thru practicing. Practice alone and with other players, do drills, and other. Don’t forget the other sports. A lot of great athletes know how to play more than one sport. As a basketball player, you could benefit from other sports. Soccer improves the endurance. Football teaches you to be aggressive. Basketball improves your hand and eye coordination. To become a better basketball player, you must be a well-rounded athlete.

Weight gaining is important in becoming a better athlete. This is one of my weaknesses. I thought just shooting some hoops in basketball was enough for me to become great. I skipped going to the gym. I realized that strength is important. Strength training enhances your confidence while playing in your post. Instead, I easily got manhandled because I had no control and one just overpowered me. Because I did not focus on strength training, I was always came short on my jumps because I did not have the strength in my legs. This was my setback and I missed rebounds, I couldn’t dunk and push hard enough.

Lastly, play with people much better than you. As a grown-up it’s easy to defeat kids in a basketball game but that will not help me get any better. If I spent time playing with older people who are better at the sport, then I would push myself to do harder and better.

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