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5-Minute Firming Moves

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Think about how much time most of us waste everyday. Even if we have jam-packed days, chances are pretty good that there are clusters of moments here and there that we allow to simply slip away. The good news is that we can grab a few of those wasted moments and make them work wonders for us. How do we do this? Maybe it is while we are watching t.v. or perhaps while we are waiting for the kids to arrive home from school.T Make the decision to use that time a bit more wisely by trying the following exercises.

Grab a chair and place it next to a wall. To begin working your legs and butt you should stand directly in front of the chair facing outward. Lift your right leg and slowly bend your left knee until your butt comes as close to the chair as is comfortable for you. Straighten your left leg and Lift your body upright. Repeat several times and then switch to other leg.

This move may burn a bit at first as you will be using muscles that you probably do not use as often as you would like.

Next, with on your back on the floor with your legs and arms extended out widely. Lift your left arm, head, and right leg, aiming your left hand toward your right foot. Alternate sides and repeat several times. This exercise is a great workout for strong ab muscles.

Finally, to work your chest, butt and arms, get down on the floor on your hands and knees. Keeping your stomach muscles tight and bending your elbows, lower your chest toward the floor. To make this exercise even more beneficial, when you are on the floor with your hands and knees, raise your feet off the floor. When you raise back up after lowering your chest to the floor, allow one of your knees to come up to hip height. Alternate legs for several repetitions.

Give these three quick moves a try. It will make good use of those spare moments in your day that otherwise might simply be lost.

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