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A Benevolent Jazzman

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Deron Williams is not only a popular basketball player, but he also has a big heart for others especially for the less fortunate. This all-star point guard of Utah Jazz team heads a foundation named “Point of Hope” which addresses the concerns and needs of single moms. Williams and his spouse, Amy, just recently threw a Christmas dinner for around 20 single moms and 40 children who are all going thru hard times. He is not a stranger to this situation. He once grew up with his single mom who worked 2 jobs just to make ends meet. Today he is pleased to have this chance to help those going thru a rough time. Aside from providing a delicious meal, he gave away gifts to the 60 guests who highly appreciated the gesture. Williams said that he loves Christmas and it is the season gave him the opportunity to give presents so that he can make others happy.

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