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A Christmas Gift From The NBA

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It’s hard to know whether to be relieved and grateful that the NBA lock-out appears to be over or whether to continue feeling disgusted and angry over the greed that stole two months of basketball action from the fans. That whole stand-off between the owners and the players leaves a bad taste in one’s mouth to be sure but perhaps it’s now time to put that behind us and get enthused about the prospects of an abbreviated season. Let’s face it, we’ve missed watching some of our favorite athletes running around the court in their basketball uniforms and slicing and dicing to the basket during these early days of winter. When it gets dark by 5:00 p.m., it can make for long nights when there are no games to follow on the t.v. That is especially true once January rolls around and the holiday season and the busyness that accompanies it are over. That is when it really starts to take a toll on basketball fans throughout the country when there are no games to watch. Unless some unknown hitch comes up that further delays or even completely ends negotiations, it looks like we are going to be viewing the game we love so much by Christmas day.
So, thank you NBA for the early Christmas gift to the millions of basketball fans who have been put on hold for so many months.