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A Job That Pays The Big Bucks: Athletic Director

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If you’re wondering what kind of job you can find that surrounds you with teams wearing football helmets or squads in their basketball uniforms and pays big money while doing it you should definitely consider the career of an Athletic Director. Sadly, these jobs are few and far between but if you are lucky enough to land one, consider yourself lucky. On average, the pay for these positions has risen roughly 14% over the past year and a half in comparison to many jobs in the country that have suffered pay decreases or even job eliminations altogether. Even within the university setting, while pay for the A.D. and others in the athletic departments has increased, spending on academics has declined. A good deal of controversy is swirling regarding that fact in recent weeks. Meanwhile, salaries continue to increase for many of the athletic directors at college level throughout the country. The job may be lucrative and exciting but it is also exacting. It involves a good deal of fundraising which can be challenging and finding and hiring good coaches (along with their often super-sized egos). Even so, if you love sports and all the excitement that goes hand in hand with sports and don’t mind earning a substantial salary perhaps the job of an athletic director is right up your ally.