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A Job That Pays The Big Bucks: Athletic Director

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One of the most important jobs in the sporting world is that of an Athletic Director. These are the guys that are constantly surrounded by athletes wearing basketball uniforms and are on their feet to check on their players.

Unfortunately, the availability of this position is starting to become scarce. The good thing about it is that the average pay for this position has risen by about 14% compared to last year. In comparison, a lot of sports related jobs have experienced a decline in pay.

Most universities have given their Athletic Directors a raise. In contrast, the budget for academics for most of these schools has decreased. There is good reason for this especially if the school has a progressive sports development program. The task of an Athletic Director is likely compared to that of a principal. He heads everything that is related to the schools’ sports program.

Everything goes through him. Even the approval of football helmets must have his consent. The pay may be huge but the job is very demanding, to say the least. Among the important tasks of this position is to look for the best coaches for the schools’ various teams.