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A Tale Of Two Brothers

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Life has so many twists and turns that sometimes it may take you to success and fortune, and other times leads to failures and frustrations. One doesn’t know the result at the end of this pathway. It could be unfair and unpredictable.

There is a case of two brothers, born in Fort Duchesne, Utah, 50 years ago in a Ute Indian Reservation. Ernie Lopez, the elder of the two, became a famous boxer during the 1960s to the 1970s. His younger brother Danny followed his footsteps. They both went the same direction but there were twists that led them to two different destinies.

Ernie who died last year at the age of 64, had a long battle with dementia. Before that he went into seclusion, went far from his family and spent his life in a homeless shelter in Fort Worth, Texas. His legacy to the world is his endurance and stamina. He doesn’t have much in terms of fame or fortune, but he is known a gentleman with a kind heart.

On the other hand, Danny Lopez also known as “little red”, was just inducted this week into the International Boxing Hall of Fame. He joins the likes of Sugar Ray Leonard, Mohammed Ali, Joe Louis and Gene Fullmer. Danny enjoyed a long professional career in featherweight boxing and earned 42-6 wins including 39 knockouts. He is a very successful athlete, had a lucrative career, a supportive family and retained his mental and physical health unlike other boxers.

One will wonder, what does it take to make a life take a different direction?

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