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Accelerate Your Weight Loss

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Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there was a way to lose weight more quickly and tone up the body at the same time? Well, there is, and it is something that almost anyone can accomplish if they set their mind to it. It doesn’t take any special classes or equipment, just your own two legs and arms and the determination to be consistent in your efforts. It has been long known that walking is one of the best exercises that you can do for your heart health. It is also beneficial for your overall fitness and your sense of well being. There are ways to increase the benefits that can be derived from walking and they are easily incorporated into any walking program. Be sure that you have correct posture as you are walking, which means that you are not slouching, but that your shoulders are back, your elbows in and your head is looking forward, with your chin up. Increase your energy output. Instead of walking at a comfortable, leisurely pace, step it up and you will see the difference that can result. Push yourself to walk at a pace that makes it difficult to carry on a steady conversation for a while, then you can slow it down for a short period before speeding it up again. These intervals are more productive for weight loss than walking at one speed for the entire session. Set aside one or two days of the week for some strength training which can do wonders for the metabolism. You don’t really need anything more than some hand weights and your own body to see some great results. By making just a few simple changes to your normal walking routine, you can propel yourself out of the rut you are likely in and enjoy significant results.

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