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Adieu, Sayonara, Good-by, Olympic Games

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The curtain has come down with dramatic style on the Winter Games of 2010. Two glorious weeks of record breaking, gravity defying and enthralling performances by the worlds best athletes have come to a close. Today may prove to be quite a let-down for the millions who have tuned in nightly to watch their countryment and women performing amazing feats of strength, control and beauty.
The Olympic games, held in Vancouver, British Columbia, have been filled with joy and tears, and triumphs and sorrows each accompanied by victories and defeats. We have been priviledged to see the beginnings of world stage competition for some young athletes and the wrap up of illustrious careers for others. The viewing audience has witnessed greatness both in physicality and in the human spirit.
Host nation, Canada, claimed 14 gold medals, the most of any competing nation followed by Germany with 10 and the United States and Norway each with 9 gold. The United States collected the highest number of medals overall with a total of 37.
Whether they won or lost in competitions of their chosen sport, this Olympic experience had to be a major life highlight for each of the extraordinary athletes who competed in these Winter Games.