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Ads During Televised Sporting Events Are Not So Family Friendly

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Millions of families love sports and they love watching sporting activities gathered together around the television. Perhaps they are fans who cheer on players wearing the gold and green football jerseys worn by the Green Bay Packers or the purple and yellow basketball uniform clad players of the Utah Jazz, or any of dozens of other teams. Whatever their teams of choice, they eagerly anticipate and thoroughly enjoy the action. However, this once family-friendly activity is now under attack as it is becoming increasingly difficult to watch televised sports as a family due to the risqué nature of the televised ads that accompany them. And though it appears to be just one more sign of the times we are all living in, it is very unfortunate for families who love sports and who enjoy watching them together on the television. Sports seemed to be one of the few areas of entertainment that had not been inundated with the crude language and sexual images that pervades a good many of the shows that are currently being televised. Sadly, however, many of the commercial breaks are explicit in suggesting some type of medicine for erectile dysfunction or products to use that will increase one’s ability to be sexually attractive to the opposite sex. Most of these ads are geared towards men and aim to sell products that will assist in their pursuit of desirable women. Perhaps there are many who appreciate such information, however it is certainly not children and daytime television does not seem to be the appropriate time or place for such messages.
As overall standards continue to decline, more objectionable material is being force fed to any and all who happen to be in front of a television set. Until the large numbers of those who take exception to this disturbing trend make their voices heard, we can all expect more of the same.