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Ads During Televised Sporting Events Are Not So Family Friendly

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Watching sports has been a way of living for most Americans. Families love to gather around the TV set and enjoy players in the football jerseys score one touchdown after another. They may have their favorite team on TV. The bottom line is that they are going to support their team whether they win or lose the game.

Unfortunately there is one thing that is ruining the viewership of American families. These are the not-so-family-friendly commercials that these networks show. These are paid by sponsors of the game, league or tournament. That means networks have no choice but to run them, even at the risk of having children see them.

This is in stark contrast of sports which is a field of entertainment that is full of wholesome images. These risqué commercials are similar to TV shows that show a lot of sex and violence. Some of these are really brutal. It is sad that a wholesome family affair like watching sports could be polluted by these ads. In fact some of these have become so graphic that showing cleavage seems to be the norm.

Obviously this is not a good influence on the children of the family. They might even think that it is totally okay since their parents are watching these. The truth is that a lot of sports commercials are aimed for the male market since men are more into sports than women.

Up to this day, more child-risky materials for sports commercials are being introduced. Can you just imagine that while watching your favorite team play while wearing their basketball uniform with pride, you also get the unfortunate thing of seeing an advertisement that is not appropriate for your children.