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Amazing Athletes Of 2014

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In the world of sports, 2014 saw the influx of a great batch of rookies who are set to dominate in the years to come. Football player Odell Beckham Jr. is one of those players. In fact he went as a first round pick when the New York Giants picked him up. Unfortunately, he was injured at the start of his career. That did not stop him from turning up one brilliant performance after another once he came back. His rookie season was capped by that amazing one-hand catch that led to a touchdown against the Cowboys. This was one of the plays that immediately was shown on replays and uploaded on YouTube the very same night.

This year also saw an amazing little league girl who at the age of 13 years old already made the cover of Sports Illustrated magazine. Believe it or not that distinction goes to Mo’ne Davis. That is not the only thing she was able to achieve. Amazingly, this talented girl was able to pitch a shut-out. She was the first girl to do so in the Little League. With her abilities, she definitely has a bright future ahead of her.

Another rookie sensation made his name in the National Basketball Association. Shabazz Napier made a living of winning during college as a UConn Husky. In fact he won two national championships there. He won in 2011 and was the team’s acknowledged leader during their championship win in 2014. He was awarded the best player of the tournament. He is about to enter the NBA as a member of the Miami Heat where he is expected to make a tremendous impact.

Kawhi Leonard is not a rookie in the true sense. However, with the performance that he turned in last season especially during the championship where he helped his team, the San Antonio Spurs win their fifth title.

Baseball saw Lorenzo Cain turn in an impact full performance for Kansas City. He showed a vast display of catches, some of which are unheard of. Because of this, he has built a respectable fan base across the country.