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Amazing Athletes Of 2014

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This past year saw some amazing new talent emerging that will likely delights fans for many years to come. Among this elite group is Odell Beckham Jr. who was a first round draft pick for the New York Giants. Beckham started his first professional season with an injury that kept him sidelined for a period but came roaring back to set new records in some categories. The one thing he will likely be remembered for in this first year is his one-handed touch down catch against the Dallas Cowboys. It was a thing of beauty and a clip that will certainly be replayed time and time again.

Who would have believed that a thirteen year old girl who plays Little League would land on the cover of Sports Illustrated but that is exactly what happened this year. For young Mo’ne Davis this was not her only first. She also was named as the first girl to pitch a shut out in Little League World Series History. This young lady seems to have quite a future ahead of her.

Shabazz Napier, the young guard from Uconn had already won a national championship while a freshman but that was not to be his only major achievement. He went on to carry his Huskies to a National Championship this year also and earned the recognition of being the most outstanding player of the tournament. He was drafted by the Miami Heat and will have many eyes following his basketball journey.

Kawhi Leonard is not a totally new name in the sports world but this past year he definitely added an extra star beside his name. Playing for the San Antonio spurs he shares the spotlight with several mega stars but showed his own worth in 2014 as he contributed much to the success of his team. He was a significant contributor to their fifth NBA Title win and became the third youngest NBA Finals Most Valuable Player in history.

In the field of baseball, young Lorenzo Cain made quite a showing his year for the Kansas City Royals. His impressive arsenal of extraordinary catches caught the interest of baseball fans throughout the country. This young man who did not even begin playing baseball ;until his sophomore year of high school was this year named the AlCS Most Valuable Player batting .533 against the Orioles and hitting .308 in the World Series.