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America’s Infatuation With Boxing

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Boxing is one of the well loved sports by Americans. More and more fans are watching boxers today more than ever. Ones two men wearing their boxing gloves square off in the ring, people go crazy while cheering on their fighters. These men have the power to knock any regular guy with just one punch. When two of them collide, anything can happen.

Because of the widespread following that it has, the sport has been picked by Hollywood producers and made it the centerpiece of their films. The ‘Rocky’ films made a superstar out of Sylvester Stallone. It also made him very rich. He even wrote the script of the very first movie.

One of the best boxing movies is ‘Raging Bull’ which saw Robert de Niro wear a pair of boxing shorts. Then there is ‘Million Dollar Baby’ and ‘Cinderella Man’ to name a few of the best. All of these were hugely successful at the box-office and was supported by millions of moviegoers all over the world.

The Mark Wahlberg starrer ‘The Fighter’ was watched by so many people that it cemented Wahlberg as a box-office draw. The public has that lust to watch boxing events. It does not matter if it was a real boxing fight or in the movies. People are still going to support it because they love the sport.

Although some people believe that boxing has lost its’ golden touch because of MMA, a lot of people believe that it will have it’s time again when the right boxers come along.