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America’s Most Popular Sports

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Undeniably, sports plays a very important role in American culture and has deep roots in the country’s early history. Though there are several sporting activities that American’s enjoy, there are just 4 of the sports that are considered the nation’s favorite past time. There are football, basketball, hockey and baseball. These sports have a major league where their top athletes compete against each other in friendly games. There is a big amount of revenue generated by the games played by these leagues. They are currently enjoying a huge fan base.

The big 4 sports are played by professionals and amateurs a like. These popular sports are also played in colleges, junior high schools, and in grades K-6. It is good to expose children at a young age to sports. It allows them to develop their skills and learn their preference for sports while they are still young.

Football is a male dominated sport that has the most participants in the high school and college level. The boys take pride in wearing their football helmet and football jersey. There is a huge following for the NFL making football the most popular of all the sports leagues.

Through the decades, professional baseball has maintained its popularity and huge following. This has a lengthy season starting from April to October. The games generate a lot of income.

Basketball currently ranks as the third most popular American sport but according to the National Sporting Goods Association, there are more people playing basketball than any other team sport. The sport is enjoyed by both males and females. The women even have their own professional teams.

Though ice hockey is a long-time favorite sport in Canada, its popularity is rapidly increasing in the United States. The NHL is made up of 7 teams from Canada and 23 teams from America. The NHL is the premier hockey league in North America and their events attract millions of fans. Ice hockey as a sport may not be equally popular as basketball, baseball and football, it is becoming popular and well enjoyed by several Americans.