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America’s Most Popular Sports

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It’s undeniable that sports are a very important aspect of American culture and have been since the early days of this country’s existence. While there are dozens of sporting activities that American’s enjoy and participate in there are four that are widely considered to be the most popular; football, baseball, basketball and hockey. Each of these sports has a major league where the premier athletes of their particular sport play on various teams which compete against one another. A huge amount of revenue is generated by these leagues and each enjoys an enormous fan base.

These four sports are played not only by professionals but also in colleges, high schools, junior high schools and by those who are in grade schools (grades K-6). Early exposure is the norm for the majority of children in the U.S. and that is probably not a bad thing because it allows the kids to choose their favorite sport at a rather young age.

The sport which has the most participants at the high school and college level is football, a uniquely male sport. There are more boys slipping on a football helmet and the designated football jersey than those who are involved in any other sport. It follows that the NFL, the premier football league in this country is also the most popular of the sports leagues.

Baseball has remained popular throughout the decades since it’s inception and retains a great following. Because professional baseball has such a lengthy season (beginning in April and culminating in October) it generates a significant amount of money.

Basketball is currently ranked third on the list of most popular American sports although reports from the National Sporting Goods Association suggest that more individuals are involved in playing team basketball than in any other sporting activity. This sport is enjoyed by and participated in by many female athletes and boosts it’s own female professional teams.

Ice hockey is becoming increasingly popular in this country although it has long been a favorite in Canada. 23 teams from the U.S. and 7 teams from Canada make up the NHL which is the premier hockey league in North America and which attracts millions of fans. While the sport does not currently have the same popularity as football, baseball and basketball, it is becoming more well-known and enjoyed among many American families.