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Another New Player Joins Jazz Roster

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Recently, there had been a lot of big changes for Jazz with the passing of the seasons. To some people, Kyle Korver and Carlos Boozer transferring to Chicago and Matthews moving to Portland, may not be significant changes. But these changes brought in a backup point guard to assist Deron Williams to the Jazz team.

Earl Watson who is 6’1” has played the position of guard in the league for 9 seasons and has played with more than 4 other teams. He has very little experience in play-off basketball. He has in two different years, made a small appearance when he played for Memphis Grizzles. Williams is pleased with the new recruit to the team and remembers how Watson played good defense on those times when their teams were rivals in a game. The fans are hoping that these changes will work for the team’s advantage and will result to a succession of wins this season.

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