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Another Sensational Player Grabs The Spotlight

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Have you ever wondered how some athletes, regardless of the sport, suddenly emerge from the team and become the “hottest player of the month”? Last year, basketball fans all over the country had their eyes on Jimmer Fredette of BYU. He made a huge percentage of his shots and several 3 point shots from the mid-court on several occasions. This 6 foot tall guard wearing the blue and white basketball uniform became a worldwide sensation. Today, he is trying to get a foothold in the world of professional basketball. He is playing against more powerful players and his stardom has waned.

Here comes Tim Tebow of Denver Bronco Football team who becomes the most popular player in the country. Though the total assessment of his skill level is that is his inferior compared to his colleagues, he win the games in legendary fashion. The fans all over the country were praising him until he eventually lost to another team.

Currently, New York Knick’s player Jeremy Lin is the center of the limelight. Lin just came out of nowhere to become the top celebrity in the world of sports. His rise to celebrity status was unexpected. He did not receive any basketball scholarship during high school and he went undrafted after college. He just played for the D-league until he got lucky and he became the New York team’s starter. Since he started the long string of wins for team Knicks, winning 9 out of 11 games, he continuous to beat some of the best players today. No one knows how long he can hold on to his superstar status and how long it will last.

The current sensation is a basketball player for the New York Knicks named Jeremy Lin. Lin seemingly came out of nowhere to become the hottest attraction in the sporting world. The rise to stardom was unexpected for this young man who received no basketball scholarship out of high school and who went undrafted after college. He played on the D-league until fairly recently when the stars seemed to align in his favor and he became a starter for the New York team. Since then he has been the catalyst for a long string of wins for the Knicks who have won 9 of their last 11 games and played against and beat some of the today’s greatest players. It’s anyone’s guess how long his superstar status will last and who will become the new phenomenon for all of us sports fans