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Are Sporting Events Becoming Too Hostile?

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A recent survey showed that more than 59 percent of the respondents claim that they are no longer likely to attend a sporting event since the fans and players have become more volatile in the last few years. That means there is a growing number of fans who would rather watch their favorite teams wear their basketball uniforms from the comforts of their living rooms. The main reason is that they feel a lot safer this way.

The sad fact is that gone are the days when the whole family can come to the arena and watch the game. Today you will probably see more players wearing their football jerseys intentionally hurting the opposing teams’ players just because he got sacked – which is a legal move. This is the kind of aggression that has made sporting events too hostile for families to watch.

This is what thug behavior has brought upon sports. It seems that good friendly competition is all forgotten. Back in the day, reports of violence during sporting events have been far in between. Today, it seems that it has been happening on a weekly basis. The frequency of it is so alarming.

It usually starts with simple trash talking which the players take personally. However, instead of talking back, opposing players hit back instead. At this point, it becomes personal and the trash talk turns into a fist fight.

For this reason, families would rather watch at home rather than personally see the distasteful actions live. Besides this is not a very good thing for their children to see.

Instead of being role models for their fans, they have become the antagonists of the sport their followers love to watch.