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Are the Utah Utes the #1 Team College Football?

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The BCS and Associated Press declared today another official for the Gator national championship. At the same time, they declared a statement for teams that do not belong to the SEC, PAC 10, ACC, Big 12, Big 10 and Big East that their chances in becoming national champions are almost impossible.

Kyle Wittingham, Utah’s coach, was quick to declare his team as the number 1 in the country after they defeated Alabama. The other coaches did not agree. At the very least, they did not feel strongly against it enough for them to mess up their BCS vote. The Utes only chance to have a share of the national title is thru the AP poll where they garnered 16 first place votes. However, these votes made them no match against the Gators outside the field.

Since the system is still being organized this year, everyone is still speculating about who really made it to the number 1 spot in the country. We can only speculate if Utah would have defeated Florida, USC, Oklahoma, Texas, Penn State or any other basketball team, who in entering the bowl season thought they had a chance in grabbing the national championship trophy.

Utah’s track record shows the following:

A perfect season score of 13-0

3 wins over high ranking teams (Alabama, TCU and BYU)

A dominating and compelling play defeating Alabama

Even with an impressive resume, they have some obvious flaws. Utah’s overall season is pale compare to Florida’s 6 wins over the high ranking teams where 4 was included in the top ten or even against Oklahoma’s 5 wins versus high ranking teams. There was only opponent Utah shared in common with either of the Championship teams in BCS: TCU. Oklahoma quickly worked on the Horned Frogs in their home court. In the last minute, Utah had to come up from behind to pull off their home victory against TCU. In college football, it does no good to play the game of “Who Beat Who Worse” in most of the time. Week after week, Oklahoma and Florida face different level of competition than what Utah saw in the teams they played with. Utah played on the same schedules with Oklahoma and Florida. It was hard to see the team going undefeated when they fought hard to defeat teams such as 4-8 New Mexico.

If you were to ask the entire college football audience to place in their bets on that one team who has the best chance of beating the other teams in college football, most likely they will pick Florida. Accidentally, BCS is all about the dissemination of college football’s money. In reality, the Gators did get the approval.

The system is terribly flawed and that there are a lot of obstacles in the way of making a better method in selecting the best college football team. As of now, non-BCS schools is best served by giving them the right schedules and continuously beating the top teams from the BCS conferences.

For example, for 2009 the BYU non-conference schedule includes a home game versus Florida state and a road game versus Oklahoma. If the Cougars have an undefeated season next year, it’s harder for the BCS formula to exclude them from the national championship mix. In 2008,If Utah had one more win versus a top 10 team their case is stronger. As of now, even if Utah had a perfect season that is still not convincing enough for them to be called the best.